B2 Khon Kaen Premier Hotel

Khon Kaen

If we mention an interesting province in the NorthEast of Thailand, the first province that automatically pops up in people’s minds is certainly Khon Kaen province. Beyond being the city center, Khon Kaen also owns abundant natural tourist attractions for tourists’ venture trips, lifestyle-shopping malls, facilities, and an inclusive civilized city. 

B2 Khon Kaen Premier Hotel is one of the reasonably priced hotels which is designed to be elegant and luxurious. The hotel is located in the best downtown area nearby Khon Kaen Railway Station and Khon Kaen Bus Terminal. In terms of guest capacity, there are 78 rooms in which each room is spacious, gorgeous, and wisely decorated. Either a lone survivor trip or a couple trip, there are always options for all guests to select. Besides, the hotel rooms are full of the utilizable furniture and facilities which are getting along with the rooms’ design. The guests can rely on utilizable furniture that the hotel had thoughtfully chosen. Moreover, guests can laying down on the bed and sightsee Khon Kaen city from a bedroom. Also, the hotel offers other facilities, for example, free Wi-Fi. Additionally, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV channels, a kettle, a working desk, available parking, a 24-hour reception, etc.

To conclude, the B2 Hotel is the best accommodation where guests will find bars, coffee shops, shopping malls, markets, universities, and public transport with easy access to the airport if traveling from the hotel. It could be defined that living at B2 Hotel you are able to travel, relax, or both in one place.

B2 Review Score
92 /100 points
B2 Khon Kaen Premier Hotel
Rated in July 2024
Value for Money9
Room Comfort10
Food & Beverage8
Hotel Facilities9
Comfortable & Convenience9
Cool & Chic9
Fit to promise9

Stay & Sleep

24 hrs Front desk
24-hour front desk
24 hrs Security
24-hour security
Car Park
Car park
Free WiFi
Free WiFi

Map & Location

Attractions in Khon Kaen

It is also in a convenient location. If wanting to eat outside, there are many good restaurants around the hotel. Also, the hotel is close to Kaen Nakhon lake and the provincial park with beautiful scenery. Furthermore, bicycle paths are available around the lake for cycling and chilling along with a view of the lake which is probably comfortable for B2 hotel guests. Another advantage of living downtown is easily reaching Khon Kaen Railway Market and live music bars just a 1-minute drive away, including Central Plaza Shopping Center Khon Kaen which is 6 minutes away. 

  • Khon Kaen Railway Market0.5 km
  • Khon Kaen Night Market1.0 km
  • Kaen Nakhon Lake1.8 km
  • Kaen Nakhon Park1.8 km
  • TonTann Market2.5 km
  • Khon Kaen National Museum3.0 km

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