B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique and Budget Hotel

Nakhon Sawan

B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel, the second branch in Nakhon Sawan province, is now open. The hotel is designed with a modern luxury concept in a prime location in the heart of the city. It is equipped with a wide range of amenities, including a spacious parking lot, ample living space in the rooms, and complete sets of personal items according to the number of guests. The new branch combines the modern design of the building with a minimalist decoration. It offers 56 rooms, including superior rooms and deluxe premier rooms, to accommodate couples, best friends, large groups, or families. B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel is committed to being a leading budget hotel that is different from other hotels in the same area. We provide services with care and give customers the greatest value.

B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel is committed to providing our guests with the utmost comfort. Our rooms are equipped with a variety of facilities to ensure a relaxing stay, including a refrigerator, toiletries, soap, shampoo, a work desk, free Wi-Fi, and daily room cleaning. Our front desk staff is also available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and assist you with any needs.

B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel is located in a prime location that is convenient for both travel and leisure. 

In addition to all the conveniences mentioned above, B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel is also close to many tourist attractions. Whether your trip to the city of  Pak-Nam-Pho (Chao Phraya River) is for a short break, a quick sightseeing trip, or a business meeting, you can easily plan your journey. Our hotel is only 15 minutes away from the sacred shrine, Chao Pho Thepharak-Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine. For shopping, tasting delicious local food, or traveling, our hotel is also close to major shopping malls where you can stroll leisurely, find a comfortable place to work, such as Central Nakhon Sawan 8 minutes, Big C Nakhon Sawan 10 minutes, Lotus Nakhon Sawan 4 minutes, and take chic photos at the most advanced building at the source of the Chao Phraya River at Pasaan, only 15 minutes away from B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel.

Looking for a luxury stay in Nakhon Sawan, B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel is ready to provide you with the best value for money. We are committed to opening this new branch to expand our service area to our beloved customers and respond to the demand to open a new branch in Nakhon Sawan. With a promise to serve with our hearts and give back to our customers as much as they trust us.

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85 /100 points
B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique and Budget Hotel
Rated in June 2024
Value for Money10
Room Comfort9
Food & Beverage7
Hotel Facilities9
Comfortable & Convenience7
Cool & Chic7
Fit to promise9

Stay & Sleep

24 hrs Front desk
24-hour front desk
24 hrs Security
24-hour security
Car Park
Car park
Free WiFi
Free WiFi

Map & Location

Attractions in Nakhon Sawan

Our hotel is located on Phrom Ni Mit Road, the heart of Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand. We are committed to providing our guests with a great experience, even though our prices are only a few hundred baht. We believe that our location is worth millions of baht. We focus on service more than just a place to sleep overnight. We want our guests to feel comfortable as if they are at home. B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique & Budget Hotel is located in a convenient location, whether you are staying with us for any reason, passing through to your destination, traveling for leisure, or traveling for business.

The hotel’s unique location can cater to both foodies, tourists, party, cafe hopping and even those looking for a spiritual experience. It is just 15 minutes from the sacred shrine, the Chao Pho Thepharak-Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine, 9 minutes from Khiriwong Temple, 13 minutes from Jomkiri Nakprot Temple, 10 minutes from Watworanat Banphot Temple, and 20 minutes from the Khlong Khuean Shri Ganesh International Park. It is also just 12 minutes from Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University. There are also many cute cafes around the hotel such as EDEN cafe, which is just 7 minutes from the hotel. Or, if you prefer a minimalist coffee shop with lots of greenery, you can try BLESS Coffee Roasters, which is just 11 minutes away, or Cafe’ Le Gu, which is 10 minutes away. And as mentioned earlier, there are also shopping malls for business travelers to enjoy, such as Central Nakhon Sawan, Big C Nakhon Sawan, and Lotus Nakhon Sawan

Another HangOut landmark must-visit spot, whether you’re looking for a cozy bar to enjoy drinks and live music, 9 Pints The Gastro House is just 6 minutes from B2 Nakhon Sawan Boutique and Budget Hotel. For delicious barbecue, spaghetti, and a fully stocked beverage selection, Living room-ii is a mere 9 minutes. Alternatively, you can have a chill outdoor experience at the trendy Dek Tape, which is a 10-minute.

For You who love that extra touch

  • Lotus Nakhon Sawan2 km
  • 9 Pints The Gastro House3 km
  • EDEN cafe3 km
  • Khiriwong Temple4 km
  • Central Nakhon Sawan5 km
  • Watworanat Banphot Temple5 km
  • Big C Nakhon Sawan6 km
  • Living room-ii6 km
  • Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University6.1 km
  • BLESS Coffee Roasters 7 km
  • Dek Tape7 km
  • Cafe’ Le Gu8 km
  • Jomkiri Nakprot Temple9 km
  • Chao Pho Thepharak-Chao Mae Thapthim Shrine10 km
  • Khlong Khuean Shri Ganesh International Park14 km

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