B2 Hat Yai Boutique & Budget Hotel

Hat Yai, Songkhla

“Hat Yai” is a diverse city in southern Thailand and got into a major economic, trade, and transportation center. Nowadays, this city is in tourists’ travel itineraries for their holidays. When searching for what to do in Hat Yai, the natural scenic places such as mountains, the Andaman sea, and waterfalls are discovered. Tourists can try the delicious food from various local restaurants and feel the local vibe you can find here and experience popular shopping malls.

B2 Hat Yai Boutique & Budget Hotel is a new rising hotel of B2 group and offers a modern lifestyle with a perfect location in the heart of Hat Yai city. Come with the slogan of “4-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price”. This hotel is a perfect place to stay in Hat Yai and is situated approximately a few minutes away from convenience stores, shops, restaurants, shopping malls and night entertainment venues. With its friendly and affordable price, this hotel is well recommended for all kinds of business travelers and tourists who love a unique design room with comfort for traveling.

The hotel architecture is designed with a modern concept. Our comfy rooms are decorated in bright earth tones with a chic and tasteful design. Fully furnished and fulfill with a wide range of quality facilities for every tourist lifestyle. You can feel safe with 24-hour security service. A spacious bed is provided to ensure the guests’ comfort and perfect rest in the night time including in-room facilities such as air conditioning, TV cable channels, a refrigerator, 24-hour reception, free parking, and free high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout the building.

All efforts are made for maximizing your breathtaking holiday experience. Abandon your fatigue and stress, and come to experience happiness in the city of Hat Yai with shopping, nightlife, and tasting the famous local restaurants. B2 Hat Yai Boutique & Budget Hotel is now ready to give you impressive memories in every moment of relaxation under the concept that “International budget hotel with good services”. If you have the opportunity to stay with us, you will be assured that this place will be a suitable and worthwhile stay for a visit to Hat Yai.

B2 Review Score
87 /100 points
B2 Hat Yai Boutique & Budget Hotel
Rated in May 2024
Value for Money8
Room Comfort10
Food & Beverage7
Hotel Facilities8
Comfortable & Convenience10
Cool & Chic8
Fit to promise8

Stay & Sleep

24 hrs Front desk
24-hour front desk
24 hrs Security
24-hour security
Car Park
Car park
Free WiFi
Free WiFi

Map & Location

Attractions in Hat Yai

The hotel is inbound on Sriphuwanart Road and is located within a 16 km distance from Hat Yai International Airport. The hotel is in the city center and close to many tourist attractions such as Diana Shopping Complex, Central Festival Hat Yai, Greenway Night Market, Kim Yong Market, Phra Phutthamongkol Maharat, Magic Eye 3D Museum, Santisuk Market, and Rajyindee hospital.

  • Diana Shopping Complex0.7 km
  • Asean Night Bazaar0.7 km
  • Greenway Food Station1.0 km
  • Central Festival Hat Yai1.2 km
  • Kim Yong Market1.7 km
  • Siam Art Gallery1.8 km
  • Hat Yai Plaza Trade Center4.0 km

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