B2 Hat Yai Rat Uthit Boutique and Budget Hotel

Hat Yai, Songkhla

B2 Rat Uthit Hat Yai Boutique & Budget Hotel welcome all guests on Rat Uthit Road (District 8).

The hotel’s spacious 74 rooms are fully furnished and well designed. B2 Hatyai Rat Uthit Boutique & Budget Hotel offers variety of room types for all lifestyles. If you’re traveling with your family, our Deluxe TripleRoom with one king-size bed and one single bed can accommodate up to 3 people without any additional cost. Our services and amenitites will make all customers feel completely at ease. All rooms are fully equipped with custom made plush beds, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV (cable). Free WiFi is available in all areas of the hotel, a 24-hour front desk service, and a private parking area with security guards.

In addition, the hotel has a cafe “Wake Up Coffee” open 24 hours a day. The atmosphere is open and airy. There are both power plugs and Wi-Fi, along with big tables that can accommodate large groups of customers, suitable for chilling, chatting and meeting. This cafe is the best place to enjoy delicious coffee menus as well as grab and go food which is availble 24 hours for those who want to find an easy meal before leaving. Anyone who does not stay at B2 hotel is more than welcome to enjoy a cozy ambience at our Wake Up Coffee shop. Our private seating area and Co-Working space are always available for students, tutors, officers, freelances, and people around to come and enjoy coffees, drinks, and plenty choices of appetizers and sweets for a reasonable price.

B2 Review Score
84 /100 points
B2 Hat Yai Rat Uthit Boutique and Budget Hotel
Rated in July 2024
Value for Money10
Room Comfort8
Food & Beverage8
Hotel Facilities8
Comfortable & Convenience8
Cool & Chic8
Fit to promise8

Stay & Sleep

24 hrs Front desk
24-hour front desk
24 hrs Security
24-hour security
Car Park
Car park
Free WiFi
Free WiFi

Map & Location

Attractions in Hat Yai

It’s just 10 minutes to Big C Klonghae, Kimyong and Santisuk shopping centers, which are commercial hubs of Hat Yai. Within 20 minutes from the hotel there are many points of interest such as Ocean Shopping Town, Lee Gardens Plaza Shopping Center, Clock Tower, Hat Yai Plaza Odean Shopping Mall Hat Yai Fountain Friendship Samakkee Hospital Hat Yai Municipality Office Bangkok Hospital Hat Yai, etc.

  • Hat Yai City Municipality Office0.3 km
  • Hat Yai Clock Tower0.8 km
  • Plaza Shoping Hatyai0.85 km
  • Mittrapap Samakee Hospital0.95 km
  • Kimyong Market1.3 km
  • Ocean Shopping Town & Residence Hatyai1.5 km
  • Bangkok Hospital Hatyai1.8 km
  • Lee Gardens Plaza Shopping Mall2.0 km
  • Big C Hat Yai 1 (Khlong Hae)4.0 km

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