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Phuket has consistently been rated as one of the top beach destinations in the world. In Phuket, not only breathtaking beaches you could enjoy but also its classy Sino-Portuguese architecture that draws people’s attention from all around the globe. That is the reason why we never stop building boutique hotels with an affordable price for you to enjoy the city without worrying about your travel expenses.

Located at the heart of the city, this brand new or just relaxing your tired soul at our magnificent swimming pool on the 7th floor, B2 Phuket Premier is here to be a part of your wonderful holiday.

Our 74 hotel rooms are fully equipped with smart TV, Complimentary High Speed Wi-Fi, all well – selected room facilities with B2 standard. A handicap accessible hotel room is also available, as everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of the city! Now, maybe it’s time to select your room preference?

B2 Review Score
92 /100 points
B2 Phuket Premier Hotel
Rated in April 2024
Value for Money10
Room Comfort9
Food & Beverage4
Hotel Facilities10
Comfortable & Convenience10
Cool & Chic10
Fit to promise10

Stay & Sleep

24 hrs Front desk
24-hour front desk
24 hrs Security
24-hour security
Car Park
Car park
Free WiFi
Free WiFi

Map & Location

Attractions in Phuket

B2 Phuket Premier offers you an easy access to all tourist attractions. There are many interesting activities that you can enjoy such as going to get a suntan at beaches, roaming around an “UNESCO World Heritage City” to appreciate the architecture, indulging yourself with incredible fresh seafood from well-known dining places around the hotel

  • Faculty of Techonology and Environment, Prince of songkla University, Phuket Campus0.5 km
  • Central Festival Phuket3.2 km
  • Phuket Old Town6.0 km
  • Khao Rang View Point6.2 km
  • Pa Tong Beach7.9 km
  • Promthep Cape20.0 km

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ปิดใหม่ 2565 พนักงานบริการดี สะอาด อุปกรณ์ เครื่องใช้ในห้องดี มีสระว่ายน้ำ แต่ทำเลที่ตั้งออกนอกเมืองมานิดหน่อย ทางเซ็นทรัลภูเก็ต ทางเข้า มอ.

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