A Once-a-Year Event! B2 invites you to check in at the Pattaya International Kite On The Beach 2024.

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Are you ready? Only once a year! The Pattaya International Kite Festival, which is about to showcase its splendor on Pattaya Beach once again. The event will take place from February 22nd to 26th, 2024, at the Central Festival Pattaya Beachfront in Pattaya City. This year, the festival promises an adorable array of kites from various countries such as France, Colombia, and Germany against the stunning backdrop of Pattaya’s sky and sea. It guarantees impressive photos for everyone. Additionally, there are other activities including free Workshop Painting and many other exciting events.

Pattaya International Kite On The Beach 2024.

Pattaya International Kite On The Beach 2024 @Central Pattaya. International kites from around the world will soar above Pattaya Beach for over 1 kilometer, bringing color and excitement to tourists and locals once again. At the event, everyone will encounter the splendor of kites in various shapes and forms from many countries worldwide. Visitors can capture impressive moments with cartoon-themed kite frames and beach views. Explore the Kite’s market for kite shopping, indulge in Thai cuisine and products at the Thai market, featuring over 50 shops. Additionally, there are activities at the Sunken area and Level G inside Central Pattaya, along with many other exciting events.

The event is organized by Central Pattaya and Thaitan Kite Team Thailand.

In addition to the adorable kites soaring in the sky, there are special shows featuring giant kites and LED kite performances by pilots from over 10 countries worldwide, including Germany, France, Colombia, Italy, and Australia. The shows include hundreds of inflatable kites displayed along the 1-kilometer stretch of Pattaya Beach.

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