Forget the holiday!! Normalize traveling until you forget the holidays

Weekday trip Sunday – Thursday
Forget the holiday!! Normalize traveling until you forget the holidays

How to travel on a weekday without any concern, just starts with turning off the LINE notification. Traveling nonstop, because for now, the B2 hotel group has a promotion THB 429 for all the standard rooms, which there is no more charging from the hotel. The hotel only gives and gives you more, it can say that there is almost nothing left for you to pay. This weekday trip has the privilege of not having any traffic jams automatically. Most importantly, at various tourist attractions, there will be no screaming from the children because the semester break is all over.

Therefore, a weekday trip is a paradise for office lovers and parents who dream of (escape from their children) traveling. Working and raising the children are like a full-time job and it is tiring throughout the semester break, let’s relax a bit. But where are you going to go? To be sure, you should check out the B2 hotel branches that are participating in the hot promotion, room price THB 429 below.

Branches participating in the weekday escape trip

B2 Chang Phueak Chiang Mai Province is located downtown, near the Chang Puak Gate, in the capital city of the north. It easily travels both in the city and the suburbs of Chiang Mai comfortably and quickly. Also, the hotel’s location can access all public transport systems, even more, it is near Chang Puak station, so takes a THB 20 van ticket to chill out in Lamphun Province with ease.

B2 Mahidol This branch of the B2 Hotel is close to Mae Hia and Hang Dong areas. There are many restaurants and cafes with a good atmosphere. As well as easy access to the Ginger Farm which is a restaurant and cafe with fun activities suitable for children and families.

B2 Chang Rai You can travel to sit and chill and see the beautiful view of the Kok River within a 10-minute drive. It is near shopping areas such as Chiang Rai Walking Street that sell all kinds of things, which is the concept of “finds, pays, and ends” in one area. It is another way to experience the way of life of the Chiang Rai people. Although the hotel is surrounded by the lights of nightlife attractions, the rooms are designed to allow you to rest in peace and harmony.

B2 Buriram Magnificent Phanom Rung Rock Castle, Lisa Blackpink’s birthplace, Buriram Province is a very prosperous province like Nakhon Ratchasima. There are many tourist attractions. Furthermore, the hotel itself is only a few kilometers from the tourist attractions. You can also easily walk to the park to relax.

B2 Rat Uthit Hatyai The hotel is surrounded by the culture that is the identity of Songkhla, both food and various sculptures. Also, unseen places to visit that are as beautiful as come-out photos, such as the old town of Songkhla, Songkhla National Museum Songkhla, Central Mosque, etc.

B2 Korat Boutique & Budget Korat city tour pays respect to Yamo And pays homage to Father To, which is enshrined at Non-Kum Temple. And do not miss to eat fried mee Korat, a famous dish that everyone loves until they have to follow to eat at its original place. Modern white B2 hotel majestically located in the heart of the city which can travel comfortably. Thus, your life is definitely colorful.

Even if it is an ordinary day, our pioneering spirit is extraordinary. It is very difficult to break through the tough work and pleas of our children and grandchildren. The person who has been through this kind of hardship is not an ordinary person, but a special person. Let’s travel better because the discount in this promotion is limited to only 20 rooms per branch and is eligible for bookings through SPECIAL OFFERS only via, which can be reserved from 18 – 31 May 2022 and stay from 18 May – 15 June 2022.

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