The Kad Lu Festival in Pai, with the Grand Tai-Yai End of Buddhist Lent celebrations, October 20th – 27th, 2023

Kad Lu Festival-Pai

The Kad Lu Festival in Pai, Mae Hong Son, is a significant annual event for the Tai-Yai community. It takes place during the End of Buddhist Lent, from October 20th to 27th, 2023, welcoming the return of Lord Buddha.

The festival offers a diverse range of activities, including the Jong Para Parade, almsgiving ceremonies, vibrant street markets, cultural performances, local products, and traditional cuisine. For the best experience, plan your visit and secure accommodations at the B2 Pai Premier Resort, which is currently offering a special promotional rate. Enjoy the Kad Lu Festival with ease and comfort!

The Kad Lu End of Buddhist Lent Festival in Pai, Mae Hong Son, in the year 2023.

“Kad Lu” is a time-honored tradition that continues to flourish within the Tai-Yai community of Thailand, particularly in Pai, located in the Mae Hong Son Province. This cherished practice serves as a means to preserve the rich cultural heritage and age-old traditions of the past. At its core, “Kad Lu” revolves around the local residents meticulously preparing a delectable array of both savory and sweet dishes, which are presented as offerings for Buddhist merit-making. This revered tradition pays homage to the day when Lord Buddha descended to Earth, extending his divine assistance to humanity.

The term “Kad” aptly translates to “market,” while “Lu” conveys the act of giving or offering. “Kad Lu” embodies a unique blend of culinary artistry, floral arrangements, and the creation of a captivating ambiance, with a particular emphasis on the late evening hours. Streets, pathways, and individuals come together in a remarkable way to partake in this cultural celebration heritage.

Tourists visiting the “Kad Lu” Festival will have the opportunity to experience special activities that begin with the atmosphere of creating “Jong Para,” small, decorative pavilions. These pavilions are crafted by the locals and filled with offerings of rice, fish, fruits, and sweets. They are placed in temples or in front of homes to symbolize the welcoming of Lord Buddha. Simultaneously, the community or those interested in these artisanal creations can take part in a Jong Para decoration competition organized by the municipality.

This presents a special opportunity for travelers to engage in the simple and creative activities that are an integral part of the “Kad Lu” tradition in Pai, Mae Hong Son Province.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, between October 20th and 27th, 2023, at the central stage in front of the Pai District Office, there will be numerous celebrations and performances. These include competitions such as “Kangkala” (Kinnari Dance), “Kalaew” (sword fighting), “Ramto” (lion dance), singing competitions (Hed Kwam), long drum competitions, local folk song singing contests, and various sporting events.

This event is a collaborative effort involving government agencies, local authorities, state organizations, private sector entities, village leaders, business owners, and the local community of Pai District, working together to make the event a complete success every year.

Credit : Thailand Festival

Credit : Thailand Festival

To promote and preserve the beautiful local traditions and culture of Pai District, B2 Pai Premier Resort collaborates with government agencies and the Pai Municipality to provide a venue for organizing the “Kad Lu” Festival in this event. They focus on activities such as showcasing local cuisine and creating spaces for traditional performances. These efforts are crucial for the continuation and revitalization of the local heritage and culture of Pai, ensuring it endures for generations to come.

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on preserving and developing the “Kad Luu” Festival to adapt to the world. This ensures that tourists can fully immerse themselves in this tradition on a global scale when it comes to local tourism. This includes the decoration of spaces and the presentation of local art forms that are unique, allowing travelers to genuinely experience the local atmosphere and culture at B2 Pai Premier Resort in Pai, Mae Hong Son Province.

Travelers attending the Kad Lu Festival can stay close to the event at B2 Pai Premier Resort.

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