B2 Wallet: The new online wallet from B2 Hotel group. With just one app, you can easily book hotel rooms at the best special prices!

B2 Wallet จ่ายค่าห้องพักถูกที่สุด

In today’s fast-changing world, we’ve witnessed remarkable shifts in how people live their daily lives. Increasingly, individuals are embracing technology to streamline and enhance their routines. At B2 Hotel, we understand the significance of integrating cutting-edge technology into our services to stay in sync with the rapidly evolving global landscape and the behaviors of today’s cashless society.

To address the growing demand for seamless hotel payments at all our B2 Hotels nationwide, we proudly introduce B2 Wallet a state-of-the-art digital wallet. With B2 Wallet, the process is as simple as topping up, scanning, and enjoying the guaranteed best prices, all through the familiar payment methods you’ve used before.

In addition to revolutionizing the payment and transaction process into a seamless digital experience, the B2 Wallet system offers a multitude of advantages that significantly enhance our daily lives. Whether you prefer topping up through your bank’s app or credit card, making hassle-free payments via QR codes, or effortlessly settling bills with your online wallet, you can do it all when booking through B2HOTEL.com, contacting us via LINE: @b2hotel, or booking a room by walking in at any branch of the B2 Hotel, and simply scanning a QR Code at the hotel counter to instantly receive a discount on your room booking. Plus, you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind, free from the burden of carrying cash.

Moreover, we’ve introduced a new notification system and an extensive rewards program for point accumulation and the redemption of a variety of exciting rewards.

It’s a new-age option, a complete and convenient format that allows customers to register and use with ease – all at their fingertips.

Start using B2 Wallet to manage your finances electronically – it’s convenient, secure, and user-friendly!

The B2 Wallet Application is an intelligent digital wallet designed to streamline your spending through mobile devices and tablets. B2 Wallet’s array of features and benefits brings unparalleled convenience to topping up and settling bills for B2 Hotel locations throughout Thailand, all without incurring additional fees. Moreover, it comes with a wealth of discount promotions and more. This innovative app also provides access to your financial transaction history, ensuring accuracy and instilling confidence in every payment transaction.

The process of registering to use B2 Wallet

B2 Wallet

Download the
“B2 Wallet” application
Google Play: Click
App Store: Click

ยืนยัน B2 Wallet

Verify your identity
and finalize your registration.

เติมเงิน B2 Wallet

Top up funds from your bank account or credit card to your B2 Wallet.

ชำระเงิน B2 Wallet

Make payments by scanning the QR Code.

Convenience at your fingertips – you can use B2 Wallet for accommodations at all branches across Thailand!

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying cash. With just your mobile phone, paying for your accommodations becomes worry-free and effortless when you use your B2 Wallet.

สะดวกสบาย ใช้ B2 Wallet
B2 Wallet รับส่วนลดทุกการจอง

B2 Wallet caters to every lifestyle, offering convenience and benefits that go above and beyond.

  1. Convenient, fast, and responsive to cashless spending needs.
    • Experience enhanced peace of mind during your stay at B2 Hotel, coupled with added convenience. Thanks to swift and seamless payment transactions, settling bills becomes a breeze. Just open the B2 Wallet app, scan the QR code at participating hotels or stores, and make instant payments without the need to handle cash. Say farewell to the complexities of receiving change, resulting in a smoother and more fulfilling hotel stay experience.
  2. Get the promotions first and secure a room at a better price than before.
    • Besides serving as a convenient online wallet platform, B2 Wallet comes equipped with a range of modern and valuable features. This includes real-time news and the latest promotional updates, enabling you to promptly access room reservation discounts without the need to compete with others. Every room booking made through B2 Wallet instantly unlocks discounts at B2 Hotels nationwide, free from constraints. This grants you the freedom to prepare for a more luxurious and unrestricted stay.
  3. Diverse and secure transaction options with world-class banking standards.
    • Similar to a conventional banking app, B2 Wallet enables you to make payments quickly, complete with the added benefit of instant discounts. You have a range of transaction options, whether it’s topping up using credit cards or adding funds through the Thai Commercial Bank’s mobile app. This process is simple and only necessitates a quick QR code scan.
    • Rest easy with our robust data protection policies for safeguarding crucial payment information. Consumers can confidently utilize our services, knowing that we take stringent measures to prevent data breaches. This includes features like identity verification, secure passwords, the B2 Wallet app, and more, ensuring the highest level of safety and security.
  4. Access real-time transaction history.
    • Conduct online transactions in real-time with the assurance that every receipt and payment is accurate and can be viewed in the transaction history whenever needed.
  5. Except for the transaction fees, every expense and payment is free of charge.

In today’s digital age, the B2 Wallet application is a necessity for enabling quick and modern spending at B2 Hotel, complete with a multitude of benefits. Give it a try and experience the convenience of this innovative approach to managing your finances. Download it now!

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