The Phuket Vegetarian Festival at Jui Tui Shrine, October 15th – 23rd, 2023.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival in 2023

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The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is an annual tradition that follows the Chinese lunar calendar, taking place from the 1st to the 9th day of the 9th month. This year, it falls on October 15th to October 25th, 2023, spanning nine days and nights. With its roots dating back to 1825, this festival showcases deep reverence and devotion to a warrior deity through the practice of meat abstinence, accompanied by a series of thrilling ceremonies.

People from all corners of the world flock to Phuket to partake in this extraordinary event, making it essential to plan your trip meticulously during this period.

The fascinating aspects of the vegetarian festival in Phuket include various ceremonies and a diverse range of healthy foods.

The Vegetarian Festival, known as ‘Chia Cha’ in Thai, is a time-honored tradition in Phuket, celebrated for over two centuries. Beyond the dietary practice of consuming vegetables and refraining from meat, this festival encompasses significant religious rituals and age-old ceremonies. These include the raising of the Go Teng pole, symbolizing the commencement of the Vegetarian Festival, the citywide procession known as ‘Io Keng,’ the ritual of dispelling misfortunes through the fire-walking ceremony ‘Ko Ho,’ and the bridge-crossing ritual ‘Ko Han,’ where mediums act as conduits for the gods, bearing the pain and suffering on behalf of participating humans. This event is distinguished by its diversity in all aspects, encompassing various beliefs and levels of devotion that vary among individuals.

Phuket earned the prestigious UNESCO designation as a City of Gastronomy back in 2015. Within the Vegetarian Festival, there’s a rich array of healthy and delectable food options that are not only enticing but also rare finds. These culinary offerings encompass a wide range of vegetarian delights, such as soy milk, tofu, fresh vegetables, fruits, and rice, to name a few. This annual event undoubtedly appeals to a diverse spectrum of travelers, including hipsters, spiritually inclined, avid adventurers, and culinary aficionados, as it promises an enchanting gastronomic journey to satisfy every palate.

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