B2 stands as the number one budget hotel. Sign a franchise contract Preparing to open a new branch “B2 Bangsaen Premier Hotel” ready to open this June!

Chonburi has reclaimed its title as the Thai province with the highest number of domestic tourists after recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. 2022 marked a turning point, with both domestic and international tourists flocking back to the region. In the first 11 months, Chonburi welcomed 1.3 million foreign tourists and 12.5 million domestic tourists.

Recently, B2 Hotels continues to strengthen its position as a market leader. Dr. Niran Chawla, Chief Executive Officer of B2 Hotel Company Limited, signed a franchise agreement with Mr. Sumeth Anantpisitsakhon on behalf of Anantapreemeum Co., Ltd. to open the 6th branch in Chonburi under the name B2 Bangsaen Premier Hotel. This hotel targets Gen Z and Y customers, including fresh graduates, young professionals, and businessmen.

Despite facing fierce competition in the Chonburi hotel market, B2 Hotels remains a top choice for tourists seeking affordable, comfortable, and centrally located accommodations. Its strategy of reaching a diverse customer base by distributing hotel branches in five strategic locations throughout Chonburi includes three branches in Pattaya:

  • B2 Pattaya South Premier, located near Bali Hai Pier and CentralFestival Pattaya, is ideal for tourists seeking a lively, central location.
  • B2 Seaview, with its stunning sea views, offers convenient access to Jomtien Beach, Columbia Pictures Aquaverse Water Park, and Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.
  • B2 Jomtien, located opposite Pattaya 4 Regions Floating Market, caters to tourists seeking to experience local life, enjoy delicious food, and explore the area.

The two franchise branches of the B2 group are:

  • B2 Amata Nakhon, which focuses on serving businessmen and employees in the Amata City Industrial Estate, offering convenient access and affordable rates.
  • B2 Sriracha, located in the heart of Sriracha, close to shopping, dining, and tourist attractions, is suitable for all types of travelers.

All B2 hotels have experienced rapid growth with daily occupancy rates of 90%-100%, a testament to the demand for quality and affordable accommodation amidst the growing tourism in Chonburi.

In addition to Pattaya Beach, Chonburi boasts another popular tourist destination: Bangsaen Beach. This beach has been revitalized into a clean and litter-free white sand beach, attracting tourists from all over, especially Thai tourists who account for approximately 91%. Various international events are organized by the Bangsaen Municipality in collaboration with government and private organizations to stimulate tourism, such as the Bangsaen 10, Bangsaen 21, and Bangsaen 42 marathon and half marathon races, and the world-class triathlon competition.

Data from the Chonburi Provincial Statistical Office (https://chonburi.nso.go.th/) shows that the number of tourists has doubled in the past 10 years, with 8% of all tourists to Chonburi now heading to explore the charms of Bangsaen Beach. Most tourists return to Bangsaen Beach repeatedly, indicating that Bangsaen has become an integral part of Chonburi’s tourism economy and has the potential for sustainable growth.

B2 Bangsaen Premier Hotel is located just 5 minutes from Bangsaen Beach and only 400 meters from Burapha University. Surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and hangout spots, guests can enjoy dining by the beach and watching the waves. For active young people, Bangsaen Beach offers more than just a refreshing swim, with exciting activities such as banana boats, bicycles, and jet skis. It is also convenient to other tourist attractions such as Wonnapa Beach, located just a short distance from Bangsaen Beach, which offers equally beautiful views and a serene atmosphere. Foodies and shoppers can head to Angsila Pier for fresh seafood within a 15-minute drive from the hotel or indulge in shopping at Bangsaen Fish Market and Nong Mon Market, the largest souvenir market in Bangsaen. For nature lovers, the hotel is close to the Bangsaen Aquarium, an educational marine science aquarium, or take a walk amidst the beautiful nature of the mangrove forest at the Nature Education Center For Mangrove Conservat, a 300-rai natural treasure.

B2 Bangsaen Premier Hotel invites you to experience a delightful short vacation without breaking the bank. Our newly renovated hotel, infused with a vibrant orange hue that reflects the B2 brand’s identity, offers 61 tastefully designed rooms to cater to every traveler’s needs. From Deluxe Triple Rooms to Luxury Premier Rooms and our Presidential Suite Room, each space is meticulously crafted for comfort and convenience, equipped with all the modern amenities you’ll need.

Wake Up Coffee, our cozy lobby café, provides a welcoming ambiance for guests to work, read, or simply relax 24 hours a day. We also offer a delectable Grab & Go breakfast to fuel your day before exploring the captivating charm of Bangsaen.

Dr. Niran Chawla, the visionary leader behind the B2 Hotels chain, has spearheaded the brand’s expansion across Thailand, with 65 branches currently operational. “Since our inception, our vision has been clear: to elevate our hotels beyond the realm of traditional budget accommodations, venturing into the competitive landscape of major brands and establishing ourselves as a formidable force in the domestic tourism industry,” he shares. “As we stand at this pinnacle of success, we’ve come to realize that true victory lies not in surpassing others but in surpassing ourselves. We remain committed to relentless service innovation, seeking inspiration and new challenges to redefine what was once deemed impossible.”

With a steadfast commitment to redefining the hospitality industry and delivering exceptional experiences, B2 Hotels & Resorts continues its expansion, aiming to reach 100 branches by 2025.

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