Auspicious Time High-Season B2 opens a new branch ‘B2 Korat Night Market Boutique & Budget Hotel’ third branch in Nakhon Ratchasima.

บีทูโคราช ไนท์มาร์เกต บูติค แอนด์ บัดเจท

It’s an auspicious time for a grand opening as the B2 hotel chain introduces its new branch, ‘B2 Korat Night Market Boutique & Budget Hotel,’ in its full splendor, marking the third branch in the city of Korat. Under the concept of enhancing standards and introducing a new service format, aiming for a premium level, the goal is to reinforce our position as the leading boutique hotel, ranked number one with an average room booking rate of up to 90% per day. To achieve this, a strategic plan is laid out to develop the new branch that better caters to customer needs. It will be strategically located near the city, adjacent to the largest and most renowned night market in Korat – ‘SaveOne Night Market’ in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

B2 is preparing to launch its 63rd branch, the ‘B2 Korat Night Market Boutique & Budget Hotel’ located in the heart of Korat, adjacent to the Save One Night Market.

The new branch ‘B2 Korat Night Market Boutique & Budget Hotel’ is a luxurious and modern design landmark in the heart of Korat. It is located adjacent to the ‘Save One Night Market’. A place that offers everything, ranging from food to various goods, providing a space for gatherings and vibrant nighttime experiences for people of all ages in the area, including tourists.

Our hotel not only stands out in terms of landscape but also shines in terms of visual appeal. Besides the luxurious exterior, the interior design also provides a sense of warmth and safety. With over 120 rooms available, our hotel is sufficiently equipped to accommodate tourists from all groups during the high-season. We offer a choice of 3 room types for all guests: Superior Premier, Deluxe Triple, and Family Suite. Fully equipped with convenience to cater to every travel lifestyle and ensure a fulfilling stay experience at our hotel.

Reinforcing our excellence beyond competitors, being the top-of-mind brand for our customers, has led to continuous growth, prompting us to expand to our 3rd branch in Korat. In addition to our competitive pricing, all guests receive excellent value according to our standards, including exemplary service. Guests can freely and safely utilize all common areas round the clock, as we ensure 24-hour security patrols by security personnel and have CCTV cameras installed at various locations throughout the hotel premises.

Regardless of whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or in a group, our hotel rooms can accommodate from 2 to 4 persons. They are spacious enough to provide comfort and convenience, even on days when relaxation is much needed. Prepared with comprehensive amenities, our hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, comfortable bedding, quality bed linens, private bathrooms with necessary toiletries, and free Wi-Fi internet access. We also provide ample parking space, daily housekeeping, and a 24-hour front desk to ensure a pleasant stay.

The accommodation in Korat at Mittraphap Road ‘B2 Korat Night Market Boutique & Budget Hotel’ from the hotel, it only takes a short 2-3 minute walk to reach the ‘Save One Night Market’ those who prefer to travel by car or motorcycle can also make a stop at ‘The Mall Nakhon Ratchasima,’ a 10-minute, or visit ‘Terminal 21 Korat,’ which is approximately 15 minutes. Moreover, there are renowned restaurants that have been open for over 20 years ‘Ka Nomcheen kru yod’ perfect for those who appreciate and enjoy authentic noodles and traditional Thai cuisine, including Rice Noodles with Fish Curry Sauce, Spicy Corn Salad, Fried Chicken Wings, Stir-Fried Noodle Thai Korat style, Coconut Ice Cream, Fermented Pork and Crispy Rice Salad.

You can also explore other parts of Korat, which offer a vibrant nightlife scene with renowned clubs, bars, cafes, and many popular hangout spots waiting for you to experience the lively and vibrant atmosphere here.

B2 is a boutique hotel brand that has consistently maintained a strong customer base and trust, continuously growing to 63 branches. We assure everyone that we are committed to developing and elevating our services at every step, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Understanding our customers’ pain points, particularly those seeking standard, affordable, and comfortable accommodations in the best locations, is integral to our service approach.

Book your first day of accommodation from November 29th – December 7th, ’66, and take advantage of our special room promotion. Read the details and book your room immediately. Get ready to travel during this period with the best-priced rooms available for just 540 baht!


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