Grow steadily with the strategy of being the number 1 brand in the budget hotel.

มาร่วมแฟรนไชส์กับ B2 Hotel

If your goal is to achieve exponential growth in your business. Join us as part of B2 Hotel, the largest boutique hotel brand in Thailand, achieving top performance consistently for 5 consecutive years. No matter the challenges you face in business growth or sales not meeting targets, we will strengthen and enhance your business to compete at a national level.

  • Create a competitive edge over competitors by offering distinctive accommodations at affordable and worthwhile prices that cater to both Thai and international tourists’ needs.
  • Centralized management allows for efficient handling of various tasks, including financial management and human resources, through a professional team, ensuring effectiveness.
  • Customer Loyalty with more than 3 million return customers.
  • Currently, we continue to expand with 64 hotels across 24 provinces, offering more than 4,545 rooms in the best locations.
  • Our new promotions, available both online and offline, have garnered a social media following of over 1.5 million, accompanied by advertisements across all platforms, keeping up with every business trend.
  • Continuing business development through cutting-edge technology to reduce costs, increase profits, and cater to a diverse customer base.
  • We understand the behaviors of New Normal consumers, hence developing the B2 Wallet app to comprehensively manage financial systems and business operations. Simultaneously, it responds to cashless social spending.

We are professional hotel management assistants, enabling you to become a successful business owner with remarkable profits through participation in the B2 Hotel franchise.

8 special reasons to become a franchise owner of B2 Hotel, the largest boutique hotel chain in Thailand.


We have a clear marketing position, establishing a strong identity as a leading boutique hotel brand in Thailand, rapidly expanding our branches, by introducing a new concept of affordable accommodation. We enable everyone to access excellent quality and outstanding service standards without the need for high expenses.

Determined to excel beyond competitors by creating uniqueness in accommodations at cost-effective, catering to both Thai and international travelers’ needs. When joining the B2 HOTEL franchise, there is no need to create a new business image. We guarantee the status of being the leader of the boutique hotel brand with continuous sales and growth momentum. With 64 branches in 24 provinces, offering 4,545 rooms in prime locations, and boasting a customer loyalty base of over 3 million return customers.

Because creating a quality brand is crucial in business. Customer trust in service and safety leads to increased word-of-mouth referrals. The hotel can access a large and diverse customer base from the start. Joining our franchise is a valuable investment that helps pave the way for your hotel business in the long run.


We are marketing experts in the hotel industry, proven success with numerous global awards, with over 20 years of marketing experience. Our goal is to increase sales for your hotel through all channels and reach your target customers precisely. Our highly experienced professional team is ready to assist you in achieving success in the competitive service industry. Ready to devote efforts to support your hotel business in enhancing its reputation and creating differentiation from competitors, develop marketing techniques and devise efficient marketing plans, both online and offline formats, In order to increase sales through all channels and reach the target customer groups precisely, to expand the customer base nationwide.

Our business understands the market and the ever-evolving behaviors of modern consumers. We create innovative promotions, both offline and online, covering all channels, with a social media following of over 1.5 million and advertising campaigns through platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, etc. Increase the visibility of your business to become more recognized in the online world. Additionally, there is a wide public relations network. We guarantee that your brand will be prominently presented across all potential channels to attract the target customer groups and generate maximum profits.


We specialize in hotel revenue management, utilizing an intelligent system that allows real-time data updates, linking with every OTA (Online Travel Agency). Increase efficiency in analyzing market trends, selling the right rooms to the target customer groups, at flexible prices through suitable channels, converting opportunities into actual bookings and payments.

Increase your hotel’s revenue with a professional team that assists in pricing strategies and room profitability using Dynamic Pricing that adjusts according to demand. Enhances occupancy rates, the hotel’s average room rate, and maximizes revenue and profitability.


We are confident in taking it a step further to ensure that every guest receives top-notch service. The B2 Hotel Contact Center serves as a centralized customer service hub across various communication channels, including Line Official Account, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Website, Email, and Call Center 1328. Our continuously trained and developed team provides comprehensive information about accommodations and services, offering assistance and resolving issues comprehensively.


The business model ‘WAKE-UP COFFEE’ transforms your hotel into more than just accommodation by designing the lobby area into a 24-hour Co-Working Space. It serves premium quality coffee and offers a Grab & Go breakfast set, enhancing the guest experience and increasing revenue streams for your hotel business.

We assist you in strategizing marketing plans, training your personnel for excellent service, and deploying cutting-edge technological solutions such as the B2 Wallet app, cloud-based POS system, and a loyalty program that integrates data from all aspects of your business. This helps in accessing information and marketing for both your hotel and coffee shop businesses.


We understand well that successful hotels start with selecting the right location. With a track record covering more than 60 hotel projects, we assist in advising suitable design aspects aligned with your budget. We help transform your vision into reality, ensuring confidence in achieving success from the beginning to completion.

Analyzing construction sites through a team of experts, combined with providing in-depth information for hotel construction. Be confident in investing in the project with the highest potential. We have a team of professionals and staff ready to provide assistance and guidance throughout every process, From design and construction to procurement and contracting, for the convenience of budget control and construction quality that aligns with each specific area.


We are ready to help you achieve financial success both in the short and long term. Our experienced financial and accounting team is ready to assist in strategic decision-making. This not only guarantees maximum profitability but also adds value to your hotel assets through Economies of Scale techniques, create a competitive advantage for your investment by reducing costs, increasing profits consistently.

Collaborating between our procurement and contracting teams, our experts are ready to assist you in sourcing materials at the most cost-effective prices. This not only enhances your cost-efficiency but also improves the financial performance of your assets.


B2 Hotel stands out with its quality and standards. We ensure that each hotel within our franchise network maintains a high level of excellence in service, to ensure guests have a positive experience and can confidently choose any other accommodation within our network, our brand stands firm in rigorous standards, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Moreover, hotel staff receive regular training and we implement up-to-date technology systems to enhance efficiency and improve guest experiences.

Together in the B2 Hotel franchise, apart from consultancy on enhancing overall business potential, we are committed to expanding franchise branches across Thailand, aiming to become the largest hotel chain in the future. With our budget-friendly hotel image maintained, we ensure to uphold a brand that consistently captures the hearts of customers.

We are delighted to offer a business opportunity to become a part of the success of your hotel business by joining the B2 Hotel franchise. Contact: Ms. Kantana, Phone number: 089-8506288, Email: Fill out the below form for the team to contact you back.

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