Clear the queue for Pattaya Countdown 2024, a spectacular celebration to welcome the new year.

งานปีใหม่พัทยา 2024

Pattaya is pulling out all the stops to bid farewell to the year, creating an inviting beachside atmosphere complemented by a full-scale production of lights, colors, and sounds at ‘PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2024’. This year’s theme, ‘THE FANTASTIC BEACH,’ epitomizes unparalleled beauty. The event seamlessly blends chic glamour with a romantic nighttime ambiance, featuring an array of leading artists from diverse music genres, All these elements converge to create a romantic, enjoyable, and heartwarming atmosphere for attendees throughout the 3-day, 3-night affair, aiming to leave an indelible impression on travelers.

Pattaya Countdown 2024


Let’s revisit the highly anticipated celebration that everyone has been eagerly awaiting all year long – Pattaya Countdown 2024! This main event is marked on Pattaya’s tourism calendar, held from December 29th to 31st, 2023, at Pattaya Beach in Chonburi Province. On December 31st, 2023, it culminates at Bali Hai Pier, Koh Lan, to joyously bidding farewell to the old year and warmly welcome the New Year 2024. The celebration aims to add vibrancy and excitement for both locals and travelers who have come to experience the grandest beachside countdown celebration, making it an unforgettable experience for all.

The lineup of artists performing during the event on December 29th – 31st, 2023.

พัทยา เคาท์ดาวน์ 2024


  • December 29th, 2023
    • 19.00-20.00 ZOM MARIE
    • 20.00-21.00 NONT TANONT
    • 21.00-22.00 SLOT MACHINE
    • 22.00-23.00 BUS BECAUSE OF YOU I SHINE
    • 23.00-00.00 THREE MAN DOWN
  • December 30th, 2023
    • 18.00-1900 INDIGO
    • 19.00-20.00 TILLY BIRDS
    • 20.00-21.00 KLEAR
    • 21.00-22.00 BODYSLAM
    • 22.00-23.00 URBOYTJ
    • 23.00-00.00 JOEY BOY
  • December 31st, 2023
    • 17.30 – 18.30 VIOLETTE WAUTIER
    • 18.30-19.00 PEET PEERA
    • 19.00-20.00 LIPTA
    • 20.00-21.00 MONIK & WANYAI
    • 21.00-22.00 BOY PEACEMAKER
    • 22.00-23.00 PECK PALITCHOKE
    • 23.00-23.50 F.HERO
    • 23.50-00.00 The countdown ceremony of PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2024.
    • 00.00-00.10 CEREMONY FIREWORK SHOW

The traffic routes in Pattaya for Pattaya Countdown 2024 event.

Inside the event area, traffic will be closed starting from Top Supermarket intersection to prevent vehicles from turning toward the beach. The beachside lane will be restricted to one lane (beach side) to facilitate convenience for attendees traveling to the event. This lane will have no parking signs on both sides of the road from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Additionally, on December 31st, 2023, Pattaya South will be adjusted to a one-way traffic system from 5:00 PM to 2:00 redirect traffic more swiftly towards Sukhumvit Road.

In addition to private transportation, Pattaya also arranges shuttle bus services (free) for tourists attending the Pattaya Countdown 2024 event, with two designated pickup and drop-off points.

  • Route A: Wat Nong Yai – Pattaya City – North Pattaya Tesco Lotus – Dolphin Roundabout
  • Route B: South Pattaya Tesco Lotus – South Pattaya Big C – Harbor Pattaya – Big C Extra Pattaya 3 – Central Pattaya Intersection (Route 2)

Pattaya Countdown 2024 begins the New Year with smiles and lasting impressions at B2 Pattaya Hotel.

1.B2 South Pattaya Premier Hotel.

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At B2 South Pattaya Premier Hotel, we offer two large buildings with a variety of rooms to accommodate all types of travelers visiting Pattaya Countdown 2024. Our hotel is conveniently situated just 2 kilometers from Central Pattaya Beach, catering to both romantic getaways and family vacations. We have room options suitable for 2 – 4 guests, featuring a total of 6 room types, including Superior, Premier Superior, Deluxe, Premier Deluxe, and Junior Suite. Our extensive parking facilities and comprehensive amenities make us an ideal stay option for the upcoming New Year’s festival in 2024 and the start of your fantastic year ahead.

2.B2 Jomtien Pattaya Boutique & Budget Hotel.

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Located within 10 kilometers of Pattaya Countdown 2024 (Central Pattaya Beach), B2 Jomtien Pattaya Boutique & Budget Hotel, offers an excellent environment and delightful weather. Our hotel comprises 80 rooms and provides more than 6 room types, including Superior, Premier Superior, Deluxe, Premier Deluxe, Lagoon View, and Sea View. Being in close proximity to Pattaya Countdown 2024 (Central Pattaya Beach) allows guests to enjoy the event and return to relax at Jomtien Beach. You can fully indulge in your stay, enjoy the sea breeze, and embrace the joy of welcoming the New Year with the best room rates at B2 Jomtien Hotel.

3.B2 Sea View Pattaya Boutique & Budget Hotel

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Close to the ‘PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2024’ event, another option is B2 Sea View Pattaya Boutique & Budget Hotel, any group can stay with us. We can accommodate more than 65 rooms with 8 types of rooms including Superior Garden View, Premier Superior Garden View, Premier Sea View, Deluxe Garden View, Premier Deluxe Garden View, Premier Sea View, Lagoon View, and Premier Sea View. Located along Jomtien Beach, guests can experience a delightful atmosphere and spend several nights with us to embrace the good vibes. Join us for the New Year’s countdown to 2567 at B2 Sea View Pattaya Hotel.

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