List of 2024 countdown parties, enjoy the fun, check-in, eat, travel, and stay at B2

พิกัดเคาท์ดาวน์ทั่วไทย 2024

Count down to the most anticipated festival of the year, ‘2024 Countdown’. Get ready to experience the excitement as you celebrate the festive season with your loved ones, surrounded by the crisp winter air and enchanting decorations. For those undecided about where to spend their 2024 Countdown, B2 Hotel has compiled a list of intriguing events across Thailand near our hotels. This way, you can choose the perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve and book your stay with us for a relaxing and convenient holiday.

8 big Countdown 2024 events full of lights, colors, and sounds, along with attaching the coordinates of B2 hotels near the events.


PATTAYA COUNTDOWN 2024 29-30 ธ.ค. 2566


Pattaya is ready to deliver happiness during the New Year celebrations in 2567 to the residents of Chonburi province and neighboring provinces. The ‘Pattaya Countdown 2024’ event will take place along the shores of Pattaya Beach on December 29th – 30th, 2566, and on Koh Larn Island on December 31st, 2566. This year’s event is themed ‘The Fantastic Beach,’ promising a plethora of activities throughout the three-day, three-night festival. Prepare for an explosion of entertainment, lights, colors, and sounds, aiming to impress both locals and tourists attending the event. The goal is to enhance and elevate Pattaya’s tourism to a global level.



Credit: Central Pattaya

Celebrate the joyous year-end at Central Pattaya! The LINE UP event boasts a lineup of top Thai artists throughout December, from the 1st to the 31st, at the G Floor, Central Pattaya. Enjoy diverse music genres all month long, including dance, play, and singing performances by various artists such as Cocktail on December 1st | Pok Mindset on December 8th | Ja Nongpanee on December 14th | Gavin D on December 23rd | JOEY PHUWASIT on December 24th | Yes’sir Days on December 25th | Toey Apiwat on December 26th | Thaitanium on December 27th | BANK PREETI on December 28th | BLACKHEAD on December 29th | ETC on December 30th and Pause & Playground on December 31st.


Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024


ICONSIAM is ready to deliver immense joy onto the global stage of Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024, immersing everyone in the New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s a festival that bids farewell to the old year and welcomes the year 2567 with grand celebrations amid a fantastic, globally renowned atmosphere. The event takes place from December 29th – 31st, 2566, at River Park, this event brings together 13 world-class artists on a stunning 360-degree stage, the magnificent riverside stage, the only one of its kind for the Countdown 2024 event in Thailand, Among these artists is ‘BamBam’ Kunpimook Bhuwakul, a renowned Thai artist and one of the members of GOT7. Additionally, Icon Siam is preparing surprises for Thai fans and international attendees within the event.

Stay tuned for another spectacle of the year! ‘The Unrivaled Phenomenon of Siam’ More than 50,000 fireworks that are environmentally friendly, will captivate the audience, featuring a display orchestrated by a world-renowned fireworks director, the recipient of the top prize in the 2023 Fireworks Competition at the Shinmei Fireworks Festival in Japan.

Clear your schedule and mark your calendars for a 3-day, 3-night countdown with your loved ones at ICONSIAM. B2 Hotel, located nearby, offers easy transportation and convenient accommodations, even during the high season.



Credit: MEGA bangna

EGA Bangna organizes the grand celebration event ‘MEGA COUNTDOWN 2024’ under the concept of ‘HAPPY PLANET SERIES,’ aiming to spread happiness to everyone with a large-scale concert featuring numerous leading Thai artists such as Palmy, Youngohm, Tilly Birds, Indigo, Cocktail, Big Ass, and MVL. This event is the most outstanding and spectacular destination for Countdown 2024 in Bangkok’s eastern region. Besides, within the event, there are various other activities to join, adding vibrancy to the final night of the year. The event is free to attend on December 31st, 2566, starting from 3:00 PM, located at the parking area in front of MEGA Bangna shopping center.



Credit: Singha Winter Fest

MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center, in collaboration with BOON RAWD TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, is hosting the ‘SINGHA WINTER FEST CHIANGMAI COUNTDOWN 2024’ event, inviting Chiang Mai locals and tourists to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the chilly weather. The event features a series of consecutive concerts throughout the month starting from December 7, 2566, showcasing renowned artists such as EarthPatravee on December 7, Bean Napason on December 14, Hugo on December 21, Wanyai on December 25, Zom Marie on December 26, ETC. on December 27, Asia7 on December 29, and Yokee Playboy on December 31. Additionally, there will be a food booth area available for tourists to explore and enjoy various food options at the front plaza of MAYA Shopping Center.

6.Lanna International Countdown 2024

Lanna International Countdown 2024

Credit: One Nimman

The Nimman district hosts a New Year’s Eve music party named ‘Lanna International Music Fusion,’ featuring the hottest lineup in Chiang Mai from December 28th to 31st, 2566, at One Square/One Sala. Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere with the trendiest music sessions and explore numerous delightful food booths throughout the 4-day event.

7.Chiangmai Countdown 2024

Chiangmai Countdown 2024

Credit: Central Chiangmai

Chiangmai Countdown 2024 is set to witness the grand phenomenon celebrating the New Year’s Eve on December 31st, 2566. It’s the largest and most significant free event in the northern region, featuring renowned artists. You can enjoy rap performances by D Gerraed, listen to hit rock songs by the band ‘Stone Metal Fire’ Delight the little ones with the artist Paper Planes, and groove to the lively tunes spun by DJ Caramel. Moreover, immerse yourself in the spectacular and awe-inspiring fireworks show in the city center. Indulge in a variety of delectable cuisines from numerous renowned restaurants in a truly special atmosphere, available from 5:00 PM to midnight at the activity square in front of Central Festival Chiang Mai (CentralFestival).

8.Central Phuket International Countdown 2024

Central Phuket International Countdown 2024

Credit: Phuket Big Island

Central Phuket International Countdown 2024 is an extravaganza spanning 5 days and 5 nights from December 28th, 2566, to January 1st, 2567, held at Central Phuket Floresta under the theme of Wonderland Invasion. Experience an explosion of lights, colors, and the grandest fireworks show in Phuket. Enjoy musical performances by top artists including Paradox, Instinct, Gavin:D, Getsunova, Songkran, and top international DJs, alongside a full-fledged EDM Festival with stunning light and sound systems. Join the countdown to 2024 and then relax and stay at B2 Phuket.

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