B2 expands to Bueng Kan, inks franchise deal – 63 branches strong, promising high returns for franchisees.


B2: Leading Budget Hotel for a Relaxing Stay at a Pocket-Friendly Price, starting at just a few hundred baht per night, B2 offers you a comfortable and stylish accommodation. Our rooms are designed specifically for your relaxation, featuring modern and contemporary decor, and fully equipped with amenities that exceed your expectations. Our rooms are meticulously proportioned, blending contemporary technology with tastefully decorated furniture. We are dedicated to delivering standardized service and quality to ensure everyone experiences the best stay at all our branches across Thailand.

Currently, we have 63 branches open for service, with 20 more under construction. We are on track to expand our reach to 100 branches nationwide by 2025 through our franchise business model. Our comprehensive marketing strategies empower our franchisees to stay ahead of the competition and achieve increasing revenue targets annually.

Most recently, Dr. Niran Chawla, Chief Executive Officer of B2 Hotel Company Limited, signed a franchise agreement with Mr. Surasak Rattanamethakosol, on behalf of NPK HOTEL CO., LTD., to formalize the partnership in establishing the first B2 Hotel in Bueng Kan Province. The hotel will be named ‘B2 Bueng Kan Boutique and Budget Hotel,’ emphasizing the success and triumph of the real estate and investment franchise model aiming to become a leading hotel brand with the most expansive branch network in Thailand.


The signing of the franchise agreement for the B2 Bueng Kan Boutique and Budget Hotel not only entails the provision of the brand image but also encompasses comprehensive support from a professional team ready to provide consultation and manage marketing strategies, including procurement, cost reduction, personnel management, revenue management, and marketing. With our expanding customer base of millions each year, we have customers increasing annually, which can be utilized for analysis to better understand consumer behavior and tailor services to their specific needs.

Bueng Kan Province is an emerging destination experiencing significant growth since its establishment as a province in the year 2011. B2 Hotel is strategically located in an area with convenient transportation links, making it easily accessible for travelers. Whether situated near highways, airports, or public transportation, the hotel is surrounded by numerous large-scale infrastructure development projects aimed at attracting travelers, investors, and tourists. This ensures sustainable profitability and long-term success,

  • 5th Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, connecting Bueng Kan Province in Thailand and Bolikhamsai Province in Laos, is a development project that will have a significant impact on the region. The bridge will open up new opportunities for investors and businesses, and it will also boost trade and logistics in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).
  • The Development of Udon Thani – Ban Dung – Bueng Kan Road Network and Its Impact on the5th Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, the completion of this project is set within 2024.
  • The construction project of the dual-track railway from Nakhon Phanom – Bueng Kan – Nong Khai aligns with the strategic plan of Bueng Kan Province for the years 2018-2022. This project aims to establish a comprehensive railway network. Additionally, there are plans to leverage the potential of the land adjacent to the Thai-Lao facilitating travel to Vietnam and boosting the local economy. This will be complemented by the construction of the Bueng Kan Airport.

In addition to the continuously growing B2 hotel brand, the future vision of the B2 Hotel chain extends beyond just providing affordable accommodations. It aims to develop hotels that better align with people’s lifestyles by modernizing the brand image and understanding the behaviors of modern consumers. One remarkable marketing strategy implemented in just one year is the introduction of WAKE UP COFFEE, transforming hotel lobbies into coffee shops. This initiative has successfully expanded to over 10 branches nationwide. It caters to convenience by offering 24-hour food and beverage service, allowing guests to order drinks, work, socialize, or meet friends in the lobby area. The All-Inclusive strategy has also been introduced, offering meal-inclusive room packages to enhance the guest experience. Attention to menu selection and the introduction of innovative breakfast menus in Grab & Go format respond to the needs of commuters, working professionals, and attract more outside customers, thereby increasing revenue beyond only room sales.

‘In the past, we used to admit that we were small players on a big stage, competing against big players. We had to face numerous challenges in terms of marketing, pricing, and brand confidence. Today, I am proud and daringly declare that we are the number one hotel chain in terms of growth and expansion in Thailand. In the past, we focused on expanding within urban areas to build brand recognition, which we have succeeded greatly. However, venturing into Bueng Kan Province, a province that everyone overlooks, is a new chapter in market penetration, and it is a growing market. This allows us to attract customers from other provinces, and there are no major hotel chains as competitors. This strategy not only helps B2 capture a larger market share than competitors but also makes the franchise a crucial cornerstone for expanding the hotel network prominently across all regions.’ – Chief Executive Officer of B2 Hotel Company Limited


‘In the real estate and investment industry, success is not solely measured by returns. B2 Hotel, we are more than just hotels that can generate rapid income. We also ensure that our business outcomes align with our goals and deliver good long-term results. We are pioneers in introducing new ideas, creating innovations, and continuously developing to meet the ever-changing consumer demands. We remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining our position at the forefront of the budget hotel industry. It’s not just about expanding our branches; it’s also about continuous brand development, growing towards sustainability, and Supporting the tourism industry in Bueng Kan. By elevating the standards of budget hotels to greater heights, we aim for a promising future.

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