The B2 hotel group has signed a franchise & management contract to transform “Kessiri Hotel” in the heart of the Si Sa Ket province. To elevating it to the B2 standard, top of the budget hotels in Thailand

B2 Hotel, the leading budget hotel brand that customers have always trusted, has now grown to over 65 branches nationwide. We are committed to providing services with quality and customer satisfaction as our top priority. We aim to expand our branches to cover all regions of Thailand to 100 branches by 2025, with a marketing plan to boost the business and increase revenue every year.

Another testament to the success of B2 Hotel Group. Recently, Dr. Niran Chawla, Chief Executive Officer of B2 Hotel Company Limited, signed a franchise agreement with Ms. Sakuna Limpijumnog, representing Lim Thai Nguan Si Sa Ket LTD.,PART., to record the agreement to open the first B2 Hotel branch in Si Sa Ket Province, the B2 Hotel Si Sa Ket. The hotel still maintains the concept of affordable standard rooms that can meet the needs of all groups of travelers, targeting business travelers, tourists, and business travelers.

By signing a B2 Hotel franchise agreement, partners gain more than just a standard hotel image or customer confidence in the brand. They also get to start their business with a solid customer base, allowing their hotel business to reach a large and diverse number of customers from the start. This can pave the way for long-term success in the hotel business.

With 15 years of experience in understanding the customer market and hotel management, we have a team of professionals who plan and develop marketing strategies. We target all market segments to increase sales and create sustainable profits through special campaigns and promotions that reach customers on all online platforms. In addition, we have a hotel revenue management system and a central customer service system that integrates various contact channels, covering all aspects of online and offline channels. We take care of important customers with a team of professionals who have been trained and developed to be ready to provide service, guaranteeing value for money.

Si Sa Ket Province, a land of rich culture, is entering an era of stable economic development. The development plan focuses on improving the quality of life, promoting tourism, and attracting investors. The overall economy of Si Sa Ket Province is showing a continuous growth trend. In addition, the Kessiri Hotel Si Sa Ket, a large hotel located in the heart of Si Sa Ket City, is on a major transportation route connecting Si Sa Ket District, Khukhan District, and Wang Hin District.

After signing a business development agreement with B2 Hotel Group, we saw the opportunity and potential to develop the hotel business. We are moving forward to improve the rooms and add uniqueness to the budget accommodation concept. This is a perfect combination of the number one budget hotel brand, B2 Hotel Si Sa Ket.

In addition to its prime location, the hotel is also close to many important tourist attractions, such as: Maha Puttharam Temple (5 minutes), Phra That Rueang Rong Temple (15 minutes), Ban Sang Ruang Temple (15 minutes), Sra Kamphaeng Noi Castle (15 minutes), Phra That Suphannahong Temple (20 minutes), Nong Takian Temple (20 minutes), Sa Kamphaeng Yai Temple (30 minutes), The hotel is also close to the night market, Si Sa Ket railway station, restaurants, entertainment venues, government offices, and hospitals. It is the perfect place to stay for any purpose in the city center.

B2 Hotel Si Sa Ket is more than just a place to stay, it is an experience of superior relaxation with over 83 rooms. We are ready to welcome all travelers looking for a standard hotel in Si Sa Ket Province. With a spacious parking lot, large rooms, and various amenities, every moment of your stay will be filled with relaxation.

In particular, Wake Up Coffee is open 24 hours a day, so you can choose to indulge your body with hot and cold menus at any time. Even when you are hungry or want to snack, we have Wrap’n Roll ready to serve. There is also a Co-Working Space for you to relax, work, and enjoy coffee. It is another quiet corner for everyone to spark ideas here.

“I am delighted and excited to share our latest success in our journey to become the leading choice for travelers seeking affordable and quality accommodation. We started our budget hotel business in Chiang Mai Province. We are now moving forward with our strategy to expand our hotel network to cover customers nationwide. The Northeast region is one of the key regions where the company aims to expand its customer base as it is the largest region in the country, accounting for about one-third of Thailand’s total area. It also has the largest population. In addition, we have been successful in opening hotels in the Northeast, including 3 branches in Khon Kaen, 3 branches in Nakhon Ratchasima, and several other provinces in the Northeast region. We have become the popular choice not only for domestic guests but also for international travelers, especially from neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Laos, who travel to Thailand for business purposes.”

“The opportunity to manage the largest and most prominent hotel in Si Sa Ket Province under the B2 brand gives us a golden opportunity to redefine our image to be modern and international. In addition, our commitment to offering affordable room rates allows us to reach a wide range of customers and helps foster long-term brand loyalty. After going through the storm of the COVID-19 situation, we have received a lot of interest from large hotel operators,” – Chief Executive Officer of B2 Hotel Company Limited

B2 Hotel Group, we envision success beyond mere returns. It’s about fostering long-term revenue streams for the hospitality business, instilling confidence in our partners through profitable outcomes and achieving operational goals. With expertise in managing hotels across more than 65 branches nationwide, the signing of the B2 Sri Sa Ket Hotel development contract underscores our commitment. Moreover, we prioritize community assistance by revitalizing the Kessiri Hotel, the largest renowned hotel in the province of Sri Saket, making it more prominent and contemporary. Additionally, we aim to boost the region’s economy and tourism, creating jobs and income for the community. We are dedicated to being a part of the tourism business promotion process, driving sustainable economic development as per the grand mission in 2025.

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