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B2 Wallet does not have a policy to send SMS or emails with attached links to customers in any case, unless the customer requests it directly through the hotel. Furthermore, we do not have a policy to send links requesting customer information through any social media channels.

With regard to the security of B2 Wallet users' financial transactions, we prioritize theutmost importance to security and have implemented proactive measures to protect user information and closely monitor user activity. This ensures that users can utilize the B2 Wallet service with peace of mind. Our security measures include:
  • Protection of personal information: Users' personal information is stored in accordance with international security standards as required by law. This information is solely used for service purposes.
  • Security and risk management technology: B2 Wallet operates on the payment infrastructure of the Bank of Thailand, which adheres to international safety standards and undergoes regular inspections. This ensures user confidence in the system.
  • B2 Call Center 1328: Our dedicated call center is available to assist users in conducting financial transactions. It provides advice and support for any issues or inquiries related to B2 Wallet usage. You can reach out to us through LINE (@b2hotel) or by calling B2 Call Center 1328 between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m."

Finally, the B2 hotel would like to remind users to always check the source of information first and exercise caution when contacting or engaging in online transactions. If any customer comes across actions that involve impersonation of the B2 Wallet logo, trademark, or related text, please notify us immediately via the B2 Call Center at 1328, the Hotline at 0882632897, or our Line Official account: @b2hotel. The company will take prompt action to investigate and initiate legal procedures as necessary

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